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Sewage & Sump Pumps in the Peterborough Area

range of pumps

Wastewater Removal

When drainage by gravity is not possible because the drain is higher than the floor, sewage pumps can remove wastewater from the area. Often used in septic tanks, there are many sizes according to the flow required and how high the wastewater needs to be pushed. We sell different pump systems with a variety of check valves and high water alarms for any situation. For all your sewage pump needs, call Hitchon’s Pump House today at 705-745-0007.

Supreme Water Extraction

A sump pump extracts water from areas such as the basement of your home or weeping tiles. If the area is below the water table, then rain or ground water may be directed into a sump basin. Where does the water go? Sump pumps direct water away from the area to water-collecting areas, such as dry wells or storm drains. For the repair, sales and service of sump pumps, look no further than Hitchon’s Pump House! Call us today at 705-745-0007 and let’s talk sump pumps.

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