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Frequently Asked Questions from Hitchon's Pump House

  • Q: How long will I be without water while you repair my pump?
    A: If you have your house pump to us before 10:00 AM and it is repairable, we will return it to you the SAME DAY. We stock parts for all makes; if the parts are available we likely have them on our shelf. If your pump needs substantial repair we will give you an estimate on repair and replacement.
  • Q: Can I buy the parts and repair it myself?
    A: We will gladly sell you the parts if you feel you are handy enough to tackle the project.
  • Q: Why are your pumps more expensive than the Big Box Stores?
    A: Pumps are like everything else: you get what you pay for! We only sell quality products, if I wouldn’t put it in my own home, it does not come into my shop!
  • Q: Why can’t I just buy a kit that has a submersible pump with the wire attached?
    A: Your needs are not the same as your neighbours. We customize your pressure system to your needs. Do you want to pay for extra wire that you don’t need, or not have enough? Every pump is sized to your specific needs.
  • Q: How does your warranty work?
    A: We are the warranty depot for most brands. Any product we sell will be repaired in-house the same day or replaced.

Let us evaluate your pump needs.

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